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Empowering Financial Institutions to Help Clients Achieve Financial Wellness

Unlock the full potential of your institution with our customer-centric ecosystem of digital wealth solutions

Reimagining Wealth Management

SigFig offers a comprehensive set of interconnected digital wealth solutions to empower your advisors and clients. Through curated digital investing experiences, our integrated services are designed to provide investors with portfolio options tailored to their unique financial needs and goals.

Technology That Meets Every Client's Needs

Provide digital advice that can be tailored to meet a wide range of client goals, from basic to more complex.

Deliver Client and Advisor Delight

Leverage technology to deliver a personalized experience that makes onboarding and management easier for both advisors and clients.

Established Track Record of Success

Access a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge in building successful programs with enterprise partners.

Multi-Segment Strategy

An Integrated Digital Advice & Service Experience

Discover the full potential of our interconnected digital wealth solutions, designed to empower financial advisors and investors. With our cutting-edge technology, we help you identify efficiencies for advisors, grow your user base, and scale seamlessly.

Goals + Planning
A simple process to understand a client’s short-term and long-term financial goals, timelines and risk profiles
Proposal Generation
Prefill options build a proposal from your client’s goals and profile
Account Opening
A personalized portfolio is typically opened in less than 10 minutes

Aggregation technology streamlines the movement of cash and assets

Digital Paperwork
Complete paperwork and utilize eSignatures from various tools and integrations to streamline operations
Rebalancing + TLH
Quarterly rebalancing exposes a portfolio to volatility. With established drift bands for each security and daily health checks, a portfolio is rebalanced when market movement dictates
Marketing Comms
Each firm that SigFig works with has a dedicated marketing SME to craft client emails to drive onboarding initiatives
Annual Reviews
Advisors and clients will receive notifications and a package of information leading up to an automated annual review

Who We Serve

Our digital wealth solutions are embedded in the world’s leading financial institutions.